KansonaDesign Suna Sand Glass
KansonaDesign Suna Sand Glass
KansonaDesign Suna Sand Glass
KansonaDesign Suna Sand Glass
KansonaDesign Suna Sand Glass
KansonaDesign Suna Sand Glass
KansonaDesign Suna Sand Glass

KansonaDesign Suna Sand Glass

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The Original KansonaDesign™, the firstborn of the collection, has been so welcomed by our customers all around the world that it enabled us to add many more designs to make sure everybody would find a Sandelier™ to gaze at. It’s the perfect piece to add to any decor, to put on any desktop or furniture. It’s guaranteed to amaze your loved ones, and raise questions and curiosity.

Choose from multiple sand colors to match your interior and start your collection with your first ever completely unique and ever-changing art piece.


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Will the sand mix up and eventually become one color?

No it won't. The sand blend is composed of several types of sand of different sizes and densities, to prevent it from mixing altogether with time.

We deliver worldwide*and shipping is 100% free. No custom fees. What if my item arrives broken?

We will send you a replacement piece. However you need to notify us within 72h of delivery.

More Questions? Check out our FAQ section below.

*exceptions apply


A journey like no other

With its unique colorful sand, enjoy random landscapes with mountains and shifting sand effects. Just flip your Sandelier™ over to witness a mesmerizing flow of grains of sand, delivering beautiful patterns and resulting in a completely original art piece.

A statement of originality

Every Sandelier™ is carefully handcrafted to each order. You will receive a unique piece of art made especially for you, allowing you to witness beautiful random landscapes every day. Each time you turn your Sandelier™ around, it will create mesmerizing patterns that have never been created before, and will never be created again.


Our Sandeliers are here to make sure that you feel relaxed and in zen-mode every time you gaze at them.


Unique designs that change shape with each turn of the Sandelier.


The perfect mix between the nostalgia of our childhood and the calmness brought by the sandfalls.


The Sandelier™ works like an hourglass, with air bubbles acting as a barrier between sand and water, allowing the sand to fall slowly in between the bubbles, creating beautiful patterns and providing a deep sense of relaxation.

Every time you flip your Sandelier™ over, it will create new shapes that have never been created before, and will never be created again.

Do not expect to get the same patterns every time.When you reset your Sandelier™, make sure the layer of air bubbles is dispersed evenly across the whole piece so that the sand will slowly fall in between these bubbles.The amount of air in your Sandelier™ will determine how fast the sand flows and therefore what shapes you create.

Too much air will cause the sand to stay above the bubbles without finding its way through.Not enough air will make the sand fall rapidly at the bottom.

The average flow time will vary depending on the size of your Sandelier™ and how you flip it over.

The bigger your Sandelier™ is, the higher the average flow time will be.

However, it can still range from a couple of hours to over a full day on all of our designs, especially because you can change the average flow time by adjusting the air level in your art frame. Note that the flow time and the patterns created will never be exactly the same twice, which is the magic of it.

No. The sand blend is composed of different types of sands, of different sizes and densities to prevent it from mixing altogether with time.

Our Sandeliers™ are carefully packaged to prevent any damage during transit.However,shipping is 100% insuredin case this happens.All you have to do is reach out to us by providing us with a picture of the damage (within 72h of delivery), and we will arrange the shipment of a brand new Sandelier™ to your home at no additional cost.

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